Phoebe’s Garden ~ New Springtime Fabrics


This lovely quilt is a classic, featuring a gentle mixture of stitchery, applique, and piecing. It has long been a favourite, and is still appealing to many new customers. It was originally a Block of the Month programme, so the pattern is set out in that format. Fabrics in the original quilt have long since sold out. Fabrics pictured are in the new kits, and it’s on an excellent special, originally $360!

Single Bed size or Double Bed Throw. Quilt Size:162.5×162.5cm (64” x 64”)


Delight a young lady with this pretty, springtime version of our classic “Phoebe’s Garden” quilt. Timeless in its subject and style, the quilt will take your special person from young child through to adult and will become a treasured heirloom.

Phoebe's Garden

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