Cottage Garden Threads Wallet


Tri-fold wallet with embroidered front, and roomy storage inside for your stash of Cottage Garden threads.

Size: 12″ x 36″, opened out. 12″ square when closed.


Practical and pretty, this lovely tri-folding wallet features a charming embroidery on the front, and opens out to reveal a total of 30 storage slots for Cottage Garden hand-dyed threads. Threads can be stored in the wallet once they’ve been opened as well ~ simply attach the thread to the cardboard thread header on which it was wound, and wrap the lengths of thread around the header, then pop the thread into the slot along with all the unopened threads.

The wallet is suitable for storage of other items as well ~ threads, embroidery scissors, fabric markers etc, so if you don’t have sufficient Cottage Garden threads, you can use it as a general embroidery folder.

Size: 12″ x 36″, opened out. 12″ square when closed.

The kit contains pattern and fabric. Mostly Tilda fabrics, with one or two minor substitutions in current kits, but all in same flavour and colours.

The Deluxe Kit also contains the pattern and kit, as well as the threads pack to make this project. This includes two skeins of Cottage Garden threads, and also stranded cotton threads.


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