Antique Chatelaine ~ Set of Five Sewing Accessories in Cream


Beautiful set of sewing accessories reminiscent of the charming and useful practice, in bygone days, of carrying your needlework tools on hand at all times.  Just go to “Downton Abbey” to see how Mrs Hughes carries her chatelaine around her waist, as did many of the ladies, and heads of households in Victorian and Edwardian times, and probably for many generations before them.

Included in this lovely set are five items: a fan shaped needle case, a handy glasses case (could be used for all manner of things if you don’t wear glasses, for example threads storage, even storage of your mobile phone), a delightfully shaped “biscornu” (French pincushion), a scissors sheath, and a cute little thimble pouch.  These are tied together with a plaited silky cord, and finished with a large antique button.

The basic kit includes the pattern, fabric and purse frame for the glasses case.

The Deluxe Kit includes the pattern, fabric, and purse frame, as well as the Threads and Embellishments Pack: nine skeins of thread, 4.5metres of rat-tail cord, a tassel, 23cm of lace, a glass bead, and a large antique button.




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