Shabby With a Twist


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Such a pretty quilt! And simple to make too. Surprise yourself with the ease with which you put this lovely quilt together. Start with a range of shabby chic style fabrics in your favourite colours. You will need a variety of prints in co- ordinating colours, with an accent for the delightful “twisting peeper” that meanders all over the quilt and ties all the fabrics together. Go for subtlety as in this quilt, or be bold and choose a strong accent if you wish to make a statement! Whichever way you go, this design is a sure-fire way to make a quilt that is relatively simple, pretty, and has an interesting twist.
We have sold out in the fabrics pictured but have new kits in a beautiful range of Lecian Durham quilt fabrics.  The quilt in these fabrics will have the same overall look as the one pictured.  Note: we have only a very limited number of these kits and will discotinue this design once these kits are sold.



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